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The textures on this page are free for you to try in your favorite graphics program. These are just four of the textures included in this library, and are royalty free when used in your artwork. Try them out in your favorite graphics program -- think of the fantastic worlds you can create with 325 of these, plus matching bump maps! Note that most of these are medium-sized samples -- the library contains larger sizes up to 1024x1024. And check out the sample thumbnail pages, for a better idea of the content in this library.

NOTE: These samples are royalty free, and we welcome you to use them in your work. However, our licensing forbids redistribution of these textures in any way or form. For example, don't share these with your friends or co-workers, or upload them to any website.


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Why doesn't Marlin Studios display all thumbnails? Marlin Studios publishes over 70,000 texture files and most customers tell us they don't want to wade through time-consuming, endless pages of thumbnails. We have been in the texture business longer than anyone, and take great pride in publishing only the best textures available. We hope the representative samples above will demonstrate the quality we demand.


Click on the thumbnails below to see some of the art created with textures from this great library of textures. Send us your sample renders using these textures and we'll consider them for publication on our site.

by Tom Marlin  by Geoff Holman  by Eni Oken 

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