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The textures on this page are free for you to try in your favorite graphics program.

Click on the images below to download free samples from our PANORAMICA library. You'll find a sample Hemispherical Sky Texture and a sample 180 degree Land Texture (both come with matching 3D objects).

Note that these textures are less than 1/4 the size of the textures included with PANORAMICA. Even these may be a little large for a slower system - feel free to reduce them in size or format, easily with a 2D program like Adobe Photoshop. These are just 2 of the textures included in this library, and are royalty free when used in your artwork. Try them out in your favorite graphics program -- think of the fantastic worlds you can create with120 of these. And check out the sample thumbnail pages, for a better idea of the content in this library.

NOTE:These samples are royalty free, and we welcome you to use them in your work. However, our licensing forbids distribution of these textures in any way or form. For example, don't share these with your friends or coworkers, or upload them to any website.


Click on images below to download free sample textures.
Sample downloads are approximately 1/4 actual size.

free panorama hemispherical skydome texture
Sample Hemispherical Download is 1/3 actual size
( Includes 3D Models) 2.65 MB

gree panorama hemispherical skydome texture
Sample 180 Land Panorama Download is 1/2 actual size
(Includes 3D Models) 1.9MB


Click on a category to view sample thumbnail pages.


Click on images to see some of the art created with textures from this awesome library of panoramic textures. We'd love to add your great art, using these textures, to our Users Hall of Fame Gallery.

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