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architectural animated people
Two libraries of 2D animated people - walking and standing
in business and casual attire. Order both and save $99 !

architectural animated people business attire      architectural animated people, casual attire
Populate your graphics worlds with animated people in business and casual attire - both walking & standing. Great for architectural and civil engineering visualizations. Use with any 3D software or video editing program.

Competitively Priced
Use in 3D Animations
Composite Single Frames
Both Libraries:

    77 Characters in 69 Animations

Animating sequential alpha channel Images adds walking and standing people to your scenes. High number of looping frames create unbelievable lifelike characters that walk across your screen . . . you'll think you're watching a live video feed ! See animation below to believe.

Have you wanted to add characters to your animations and still scenes? Now you can, without using posed 3D models. Rather than spending painstaking days rigging and animating subpar 3D characters, you can now create an even more realistic effect by using animated 2D alpha maps.

These are photos taken from video frames of real humans walking naturally, or people standing in one place, gesturing as if speaking, talking on cell phones, turning book pages, examining objects and much more.
architectural animated people, walking and standing in casual attire

architectural animated people, walking and standing in business attire

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architectural people composited
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People N Motion
Business Attire
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architectural animated people in business attire

People N Motion
Casual Attire
only $299

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architectural animated people in casual attire
People Pack
BOTH People n Motion Libraries
save $99
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    architectural animated people in business attire


Animated walking, animated standing characters for each library
Each library: 32 Animated, looping, alpha map characters, plus 7 bonus characters
Convenient program to explore libraries, view characters and other information
Two file sizes: Large (approx. 350w x 600h) and Small (approx. 115w x 200h)
Two high-quality JPG files per character size: Image file and Alpha file
Number of frames per character ranges from approximately 100 to 1,000
Characters are mapped onto single plane, enabling high scene efficiency
3D objects (simple planes) for each character provided in 3DS,OBJ and LW6 formats
IFL (Image file list) files provided for programs supporting this format.
Average individual file sizes are approximately 20KB
Animation sequences range in time from 10 to 25 seconds
Animation details (number of frames, size, etc.) provided for each character
Easily printable comprehensive tutorial files provided: Technical FAQ/ Readme

Architectural / transportation viz
Web content development
Multimedia applications
Film industry VFX
Legal animations and renderings
Engineering/product design and concept

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