Time saving, professionally created 3D products low poly 2D & 3d animated people, 3D car models, tree models, textures
  Providing high quality low-poly people, cars, trees and textures for. . .
3D car models


Providing high quality low-poly 3D models, people, cars, trees and textures for architectural visualizations

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Providing high quality low-poly 3D models, people, cars, trees and textures for movies

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low poly cars animated people movies
prodiucts low poly 3d models cars people trees
newTraffic low poly 3D car models
Low Poly Car Models

$59 per library (60 cars)
or get all 8 libraries (360 car models) for $299

360 low poly contemporary 3D car models
plus driver & passengesr people models 5K Poly Avg
Comes in 11 Object Formats

American, Asian, European Cars SUVs PIckup Trucks Commercial & Emergency Vehicles

low poly 3d car models Low Poly 3D Car Models
    Great for transportation and architectural visualizations, games, simulations, Visual FX and much more
    Optimized for most all 3D software, including Bentley Systems Microstation ( DGN) & Autodesk Civil 3D
Humanity3D - Low Poly Pre-Animated 3D People Models
Humanity3D - Low Poly Pre-Animated 3D Characters!
Fill your scene with pre-animated 3D people in minutes!
low poly 3d people models animations animated

Humanity|3D Life is a total low polygon, pre-animated 3D people library that serves as a solution for all areas of digital production. From Architectural Visualization, Civil Engineering and 3D Games to Visual Effects, Television, Print and Film.

  • 32 men & women, 16 each.
  • Characters interact with day to day objects like:
    coffee cups, laptops, tablets, backpacks, bags, smartphones.
  • Characters are approximately 3200 polys each.
  • Designed for Subdivision rendering,
    no tripled polygons.

TreeFarm Low Poly Tree Models animated people
Ultra Photoreal Low Poly 3D Tree Models   Ultra Photoreal 2D Animated People
Deciduous - 3000 polys, Palms - 1600 polys   Walking & Standing Looping Animations
Over 1500 preset tree models
  Business & Casual Attire
Use in most any 3D app
  Use in any 3D software -no plugins or recurring licenses
treefarm 3d tree models   People n motion 2D animated people
    Panoramica Sky Domes 3d models animated people
panoramas sky domes
panoramas sky domes
High Def  XXL hemisphere
sky domes
   Sky Domes Panorama 3d models animated people  

360, 240, 180° panoramic sky & land textures
Large collection of various skys.

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